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CAFE Purpose

The Center for Advanced Semiconductor Fabrication Research and Education (CAFE) is a multi-institutional research and education center focused on advancing the state of semiconductor fabrication for next generation device technologies, leveraging proven, world-leading research expertise and capabilities available within our team.


CAFE will provide “experiential learning by doing research” to both graduate and undergraduate students on the cutting edge of semiconductor fabrication. By assembling a cohort from large state universities, smaller private colleges and minority-serving institutions into a single center, CAFE will provide semiconductor research opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, who will share in the use of world-class facilities in an experiential learning environment with a team science approach.


Partner Institutions

The Ohio State University (lead organization)

Central State University

Five Colleges of Ohio Inc.: Representing Denison University, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, Ohio Wesleyan University, College of Wooster

Ohio University

University of Cincinnati

Wilberforce University


The intended high-level outcomes include:

(1) Advancing the state of knowledge on semiconductor fabrication for promising, next generation device technologies, and

(2) Providing a sustained, coordinated source of well-prepared graduate and undergraduate students in semiconductor fabrication, drawing from Ohio’s educational institutions in an interdisciplinary ecosystem.


CAFE will embrace a multidisciplinary, diverse and interactive culture that maximizes broader impacts and ensures that the whole will be far greater than the sum of its parts. 

Funded by the Intel® Semiconductor Education and Research Program for Ohio 

Intel® Semiconductor Education and Research Program for Ohio is envisioned as a comprehensive collaborative program for a group of higher education institutions to work together in their existing space to innovate and develop new capabilities with an emphasis on semiconductor manufacturing.

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